I have 3.5 years and 26 states left.

I’m Anastasia.

A few years ago I decided that even though I was young, I hadn’t seen nearly enough of the world. I knew that once I had to actually become an adult, it would be harder to find the time to travel. I also decided that I should see and understand America before I try to understand the rest of the world, since, you know, I live here.

And so, I decided I was going to visit all 50 states before I turn 25.

This blog is my way of tracking my progress, journaling my experiences, and sharing with the world. I will post blogs for every country, state, and city I visit and will include tips and tricks for your visit.

Enjoy your stay!

For questions, comments, concerns, or vacation advice, you can reach me at 50statesby25@gmail.com.